Case Study: Business Intelligence Software Development for Product Manufacturing Company

The request from Activation Products was to develop Business Intelligence software that determines and maintains the analysis of sales instruments (website, social networks, call center) across all regions. This would allow for a better understanding about where there are opportunities in each market as well as how people interact with these products/services differently depending on what region they’re located within. 

The company is a Canadian-based manufacturer that produces premium health products and supplements worldwide. They are currently shipping about 1000 pieces per day to customers across North America, South Africa as well Europe.


There were certain challenges that Activation Products was facing. They came to Tech Pandas with a request for Business Intelligence software, which determines and maintains analysis of sales instruments across all regions.  

These challenges included the need to analyze sales instruments across all regions. TechPandas team had the challenging task of building a Business Intelligence software for our client who was looking to measure and analyze websites, social networks or call centers in order to find out what is working best from each medium at certain times. They wanted not only to be able monitor their own performance but also determine if there might currently exist an inventory shortage on particular items because more people usually try catching those limited rinder before they sell out. 


Tech Pandas has a team of talented architects who can develop your project from scratch. Tech Pandas has developed a custom Business Intelligence reporting tool that increased effectiveness by 27% and cost savings on processes management for the Activation Product. 

We used our expertise in developing new project architecture and web applications to solve a problem for the client. 

We created an innovative strategy that makes their work easier, which is what we do best. This work allowed us tech pandas, in making the client’s life easier by providing them with an easy-to-use system for tracking all projects from beginning through completion time frames which have been done efficiently using our design strategy.


After Tech Pandas helped their client develop a custom Business Intelligence reporting tool, they were pleased with the results. Not only did it increase effectiveness by 27%, but also reduced costs on processes management and analytics up to 18%. The BI tools created by Tech pandas helped the client by giving employees a way to understand their data and make decisions with it. Leaders used reporting, analysis & visualization (graph) dashboards for support of important business metrics in order to do better work that is supported by company intelligence reports as well.

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