Case Study: Customized CRM Solution for Kyla's Events

A prominent Asian retail bank with around 550 branches that provides comprehensive financial services to over 2.5 million customers was in need of security upgrades for its IT infrastructure.


The customer was an event management company named Kyla’s Event that has been around for a decade and provides services to a wide range of clientele.


Communication with the vendors and clients was one of the most challenging problems that the company faced. They had been quickly expanding in recent years, and maintaining so much information from various fronts had become a tremendous burden. Therefore, the customer requested a customized CRM platform to facilitate the flow of information between their clients and their team.


A comprehensive end-to-end solution was required to meet Kyla’s Events requirements. Our team thoroughly examined Kyla’s Events business in order to have a better understanding of their needs. Based on our findings, we recommended the following to the company: 

  • Create a personalized CRM solution for the organization. 
  • Implement the customized CRM solution. 

Our team took numerous steps to design a new CRM software and shape it into something that would exactly match Kyla’s Events’ demands. 

Their demands included tools such as 

  • Customer service automation
  • CRM integration 
  • Customer and partner management functionality 
  • CRM data management and analytics 
  • Company-specific features 
  • Marketing automation


We devised a customized plan for Kyla’s Events and implemented robust CRM software to fulfill their needs. As a result, the customer received a customized CRM platform that streamlined their business processes. Our primary focus was on internal data management and communication. The project was executed with an agile approach to ensure every process was according to their requirements.  

The customer was satisfied with Tech Pandas work quality. In addition, state-of-the-art technology trends ensured to deliver the project ahead of schedule.

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