Case Study: CRM Solution for Quality Assurance Laboratory

An Italian testing and certification laboratory for telecommunication equipment has been a major player in the quality control industry since 2003.  It has made a name for itself in the industry by providing best-in-class quality control services to businesses of all sizes. The company’s team is composed of engineers, physicists, and technicians with years of experience in testing and quality assurance.


The testing and certification laboratory for telecommunication products had no dedicated system in place to deal with leads, sales, and other business tasks. Because of this, the company had been struggling elevating its efficiency. The Italian quality assurance testing laboratory for mobile devices reached out to TechPandas and discussed its problem with us. We suggested that the testing laboratory invests in a bespoke CRM solution that would help address its unique requirements and also improve the company’s ability to collect, maintain, and process customer data.  

The Italian testing and certification laboratory needed a more personalized solution to automate day-to-day tasks, such as test schedules, order management, and payment protocols. The company also required a software solution that would help it do better at analyzing data.


A comprehensive solution was needed to meet the company’s specific business requirements. Our team thoroughly analyzed the testing laboratory’s business model to develop a better understanding of how things worked. Based on the valuable insights we gained, we proposed the following to this quality control and assurance business: 

  • Develop a bespoke CRM platform for the company 
  • Implement the custom CRM solution for the Italian testing business 

Our team went to extreme lengths to customize a new CRM product and convert it into to something that would perfectly align with the Italian laboratory’s business needs.

Customized CRM Solution

We at TechPandas helped the testing company pick the most suitable CRM solution and then customized it to fit its needs. We included workflow automation to boost its overall efficiency. We also designed and implemented several custom modules that enhanced the functionality of the CRM platform. 

We also made changes to the way its CRM presented data. Our team even designed responsive dashlets and custom reports.


The Italian testing and certification laboratory for telecommunication products was quite satisfied with the solution we developed and implemented. The company was equipped with a bespoke CRM solution that helped it automate its daily workflows. The company also improved on its data processing and decision-making capabilities.  

All in all, the Italian testing and certification laboratory for telecommunication equipment was able to meet their exact business needs and progress as a company with the help of a bespoke CRM software solution. 

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